Tales of a Geriatrician

Welcome to the World of Senior Care…

Welcome to the first introductory post of the David Bernstein, M.D. BLOG!

I want to inform YOU; my readers that my purpose is to enlighten you about what a geriatrician sees and feels every day as it relates to the lives of aging adults.  We will anonymously and respectfully explore the lives of my patients through both my eyes and theirs, while providing intuitive and emotional responses.

 Who is this blog for?

For anyone who plans on celebrating another birthday…baby boomers, health care professionals and worker, physician, or anyone who is interested in finding their way through the aging process, both personally and professionally.  While I believe that senior adults would find my blog enlightening and comforting in many ways; I have observed from my vantage point in my office that few have computers and even fewer read blogs.

This blog will provide lots of “food for thought” about how to go about finding the best way to navigate a happy and healthy journey.  I will be sharing stories about my patients; those that did things well and had favorable outcomes, and others who did not fare as well based on their life choices.  I hope to open the eyes of my readers about how to “live it up to live longer” and what to do to avoid dangerous pitfalls.

As this blog community grows in its readership, I hope you join in the conversation and share your stories and suggestions to affirm ways to live a healthier life, as your comments and insights will enhance the lives of others.

Future blogs will discuss a variety of topics that may include: Considerations for choosing a Nursing Home or Assisted living facility, choosing a retirement facility, polypharmacy (prescription drug issues), having a sense of gratitude and issues that surround sleep disorders.

I hope you will stay tuned and I look forward to your comments and questions!

To a long healthy life,

Dr. Bernstein

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