man's head with an overlay image of trees and sunshine representing mental health for Men's Health Month

Men’s Health Month

Men’s Health Month: It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Three worrisome behaviors associated with men struggling with their mental health … As many of you

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woman's head and clouds with the words empowering your whole self

Empower Your Whole Self

Empowering Your Whole Self: Mental Health Tips for Everyone on the Power of 5 Journey I encourage you to read part one of my two-part

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person's head with "thrive not just survive" next to it


Thrive, Not Just Survive: Mental Health Awareness Month for a Healthier, Happier You Mental health is just as important as physical health for a long

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David Bernstein MD with his wife Melissa talking about moms


A Mother’s Legacy: Nature, Nurture, and the Enduring Power of Love Mother’s Day prompts reflection on the complex interplay between nature and nurture. As I

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Melissa and David Bernstein - blog post image for Dr. B's blog post on embracing change

Embracing Change

Embracing Change: My Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle As a geriatrician with decades of experience, I’m passionate about fostering longevity and well-being. I recently discovered

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the gut microbiome & pizza with Dr. David Bernstein, his wife, and two of their grandkids!

The Gut Microbiome

The Gut Microbiome: A Powerful Ally in Your Longevity Journey March is our family’s favorite month of the year. We celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, basketball,

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Dr. Bernstein talks about ageism


Navigating the Age Divide: A Geriatrician’s Perspective In the theater of life, we play many roles, from the wide-eyed innocence of childhood to the seasoned

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