Your Journey for Health, Wellness and Longevity Starts NOW!

This life changing online course can help ANYONE achieve better health outcomes—for your family, friends, and coworkers … including YOU!

  • It lays out the Power of 5 Formula in a series of videos you can watch at any time, on any device.
  • It shows how to identify gaps in personal health and wellness that tend to cause problems as we age.
  • It also reveals step-by-step, realistic strategies for FILLING those gaps and becoming much healthier versions of ourselves.
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It’s called the “Power of 5” Formula ~ Your Journey to Health, Wellness and Longevity. And after this course is completed, you will know how to: 

  • Reduce your risk for heart attacks, cancer,  and dementia
  • Cut chronic inflammation
  • Consistently get a better night’s sleep
  • Avoid isolation and loneliness
  • Easily adopt healthier eating
  • Raise your overall fitness level

The course covers all these topics and more, in a straightforward, easy-to-follow, easy-to-remember style, giving you actionable steps for making healthier lifestyle choices NOW, for both short- AND long-term benefits.

Here is what you will receive when you take advantage of this special introductory offer:

  • 5 hours of training by David Bernstein MD and Melissa Bernstein: $1,000 Value
  • Follow-up supplemental material: $100 Value 
  • Bonus material: $50 Value 
  • Special healthy recipes and menus : $50 Value 
  • Quarterly newsletter    

A total value of $1,200. Now available for a special introductory price of $249 (for a limited time).

David Bernstein MD

Meet David Bernstein MD

I had a successful, 40-year practice as an award-winning, board-certified physician in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. I observed and advised thousands of people and helped them achieve their goals for better health.My experience and insight led me to develop a practical formula anybody can use to put themselves on the path to a longer and healthier life.

Limited-Time, Introductory Pricing

An 80% discount from the course value … at only $249, this special introductory price is available for a limited time only. Experience the following benefits:
  • It’s easier on your budget than a gym membership you may not want or use
  • When you take this course, you’re empowering yourself to take greater control of your present well-being AND future youthfulness and vigor, starting NOW
  • You’ll be more present and more productive
  • You’ll have more energy to do your jobs or compete in whatever sport or hobby you choose
  • You’ll feel better about yourself knowing that you value your health enough to go BEYOND insurance benefits and paid sick days
  • You can even complete it together with family, friends, or an accountability partner
  • It’s a beneficial complement to an existing corporate wellness plan, or as a standalone to promote better health
  • When you take advantage of this easy and affordable opportunity to get vital health information and tools into your hands, you will promote better health and wellness for yourself
  • Do this for yourself AND consider this course as a gift to family and friends

Begin your journey to better health!

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