Retirement 120720

Dear Readers,

The cat is out of the bag!

In September, I started to leak information to family and close friends about my intention to retire on Dec. 31, 2020. As a geriatrician, I often discuss retirement with my patients and have selfishly gained a great deal of insight about the agony and ecstasy of the process. When my employer proposed an early retirement option for me, I was intrigued.

Of course my first (and most important) instinct was to discuss this proposal with my wife Melissa. As we weighed my options I recalled discussions and advice I’ve shared with my very gracious retired patients. I have arrived at the decision to retire while in good health and at the top of my game (just as New York Yankee’s star Joe DiMaggio did in 1951).

I intend to dedicate a section of our newsletter to the next chapter of my life, wherein I will share my comings, goings, projects, experiences, and adventures.

My first project is to learn how to sleep longer than I do now! I expect to recover from and reflect on my wonderful 39-year career as an internist and geriatrician.

Retirement will afford me the time to read more, write more, take photography classes, and work on my golf game, all while reinforcing my Power of 5 lifestyle.

In addition, I will be spending more time with my Melissa, working on projects in which we share mutual interests and traveling (after the pandemic). We want to spend more time with our children, engaging with and watching our grandchildren grow up.

I look forward to my new chapter and sharing it with you.

To a long, healthy and happy life,

David Bernstein MD

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