Melissa Bernstein shares insight at turning 70

As I begin a new decade, I am grateful and excited to look forward to the new adventures that life will bring and watching our family grow.

It is surprising, yet joyful, to reach and enter this new decade. My thoughts and memories are filled with all the years’ events and experiences leading up to this point … and I am amazed.

What is Amazing About Turning 70?

I can happily look back and confirm that despite some ups and downs (as we all have in life), I feel I have so much to be thankful for and celebrate. Along with a fulfilling career, family, and good friends, I maintain a positive attitude, expressing gratitude along with embracing a lifestyle that supports health and wellness.

I am amazed that this decade is here. It crept up like a slow determined wave, although at times it moved quicker and more ominously when there was a storm pending.

Once I had children, time moved faster as they grew through each phase. Marked by pre-k, elementary school, middle school, high school, then college, I cheered them along the way through their ups and downs of maturity.


Looking back and assessing my habits, I worked hard to live a life filled with healthy habits. A vegetarian since I was 20, I ran my first mile when I was 23 which launched my love of running and exercise. Running 10k races (6.2miles) was my race of choice, and I enjoyed the inherent socialization opportunities. It was fun to share a passion with so many acquaintances and strangers who all became instant friends. My exercise today comprises a combination of walking, weight training, yoga, and meditation … sadly, my 10k days are long over.


My husband lovingly calls me a friend magnet, as he is amazed by how many friends that I have accumulated over the 70 years, even from the “hood” in Buffalo, New York where I grew up. To me, it just is the essence of who I am.

Being in the Present

During the periods of reflection in my life, I listened to myself and focused my attention on being in the present and facing my fears. Throughout my career, I put myself in situations that were at times uncomfortable. Early in my career, I feared public speaking. I chose, with intention, to hit this head on.

The more I faced that fear – with the help of detailed index cards, overhead slides (dating myself), and then PowerPoint to Canva presentations – speaking opportunities became easier and even enjoyable. I learned that it is all about the preparation it takes to be ready to present a topic … the rest will flow.

There is nothing like sharing a topic that engages the audience and facilitates interesting questions for continued discussion – the Q & A is one of my favorite parts, promoting engagement. I prefer those interactions rather than being a talking head.

A New Decade Filled with …

As I move through this new decade with excitement, I will continue to hold on to and live by these words: celebrate, wear a positive attitude, feel and express gratitude, face my fears, identify my essence, exercise, maintain healthy habits, be a friend magnet, live with intention, promote engagement, and live in the present.

Sound familiar? Yes! Because before Dr. B pulled it together and formulated the Power of 5, I was living it (and he agrees). I will continue to maintain my habits, maybe even start new ones using the foundation of the Power of 5 formula for a healthy and happy 70th decade ahead. Won’t you join me?

To Healthy Cooking, Eating and Living,


P.S. Don’t forget to smile, dance and laugh out loud.

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