Adopting A Power of 5 Healthy Eating Lifestyle!

Successful adaptation to the Power of 5 healthy eating lifestyle will be easier if you follow specific guidelines. The eating plan provides illustrations of a plate for each meal with the proper percentage of each food category to consume for that meal. I have kept things simple so they may be easily adapted and applied every day to every meal. All the recipes have been concocted, tasted and adjusted in our very own “Power of 5 Test Kitchen,” as my wife and I refer to our culinary laboratory. Click here to a sample our recipes for The Power of 5 healthy eating.

My goal was to eliminate a lot of thinking. In the ancient days when our ancestors roamed around the Mediterranean region, not a lot of thinking went into their meal choices. My watchwords are “simple” and “portable,” so that when you choose to eat food away from home, you will find it easy to make the conversion. Try the posted recipes and we will have more recipe’s in the next blog to share in anticipation of the launch of my book, The Power of 5 The Ultimate Formula for Longevity & Remaining Youthful.

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