grilled kebabs

Summer is here … time to pull out the grill and cook-up some kebabs, and of course the fixings! The versatility of kebabs often called skewers, are limitless. With chicken, meat, veggies, fruits, and a variety of sauces to boot, a chef can create a delicious meal that can satisfy all eating choices.

Below you will find a basic kebab recipe, in addition to some alternatives to consider for your own particular taste.

But first, I ask, who first made the kebab? Kebabs originated in 19th century Turkey but became widely known in the 20th century thanks to Turkish immigrant, Kadir Mirman. Mirman invented what was called the doner kebab (grilled meat and salad in a flatbread) in 1972 and sold from a stall in West Berlin, where he moved to when he was 16 years old. Traditional kebabs are made from lamb or mutton meat, but in varying parts of the world, recipes include beef, goat, chicken, and fish. The origin of kebabs may have been the Middle East, but their popularity became regional to Asia, the Balkans, and North America.

In American English, “kebab” almost always refers specifically to a shish kabob or most recently skewers. A doner kebab would probably be called something like a gyro or shawarma.

My mouth is watering, isn’t yours?

So have fun creating unique kebabs, and get grilling!

To healthy eating,

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