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As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of my goals that has been on my list for quite a while is to take advanced cooking classes. Most of you know I started in November 2019, and I am close to the end of the online Vegan cooking class to become a certified Vegan Chef via Forks Over Knives who is a partner of, which is an international cooking school.

I am really enjoying the online education process (especially since I had an online therapy education company in my former life), and I am loving the learning management system they use as it enhances self-directed learning. I am gaining so much knowledge in every unit of teaching.

I photographed the recipes I prepare with descriptions of my process, then photos of the finished outcome are uploaded to the site. They are graded by one of the Rouxbe Chefs.

Please forgive my lack of posting recipes this month as I have been diligently working to complete my cooking course. I have been exposed to an amazing group of chefs, fantastic recipes, and dishes. Stocks, soups and stews, batch-cooking, sauces, herbs and spices, plant-based dairy alternatives, dressing, dessert recipes—just to name a few of the lessons … am I having fun!

Follow me on Instagram as the powerof5testkitchen where I have been cataloging my progress and posting my food creations in a photo gallery since I started this journey. I hope you will follow me there!

I’ll get back to sending you recipes in February … I promise!

To Healthy Eating & A Very Healthy New Year!



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