one year anniversary

It is amazing that one year has passed since the launch of the Power of 5 Test Kitchen! I have enjoyed writing my food blog and sincerely hope I have provided you with valuable information on healthy eating. Providing over 30 recipes this past year, I offered my readers healthy alternatives and recipe adaptations, #alteredtastes, #melissasmodifcations . . . for any eating preference.

As I review the recipes I posted over the past year, I have some fan favorites that I want to be sure you did not miss!


My 5 Favorite Recipes 

The Natural Salad – A recipe that still a fan favorite 40 years later!

Roasted Beets – Flavorful, hearty and nutritious!

Roasted Cauliflower Steaks with Romesco Sauce – A surprisingly hearty and satisfying meal!

Guilt-free Healthy Desserts – Everyone loves desserts! These are a few of my favorites good for a treat but in moderation!

Heart Healthy Soup – A staple in our house, an all-time favorite soup!  It can be versatile using a variety of veggies that you can change up. Full of protein and you can add more if you wish!


My 5 Favorite Cooking Spices & Flavors

Cinnamon, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, Tumeric  & Curry – all have anti-inflammatory qualities.

  • Tumeric – Anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and thought to reduce amyloid deposits in the brain which are linked to Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Cinnamon – Anti-inflammatory, diabetes prevention, helps with digestion
  • Ginger Anti-oxidant, improves circulation, decreases nausea, prevents bloating, lessens the pain of arthritis
  • Cayenne Pepper – Anti-inflammatory due to capsaicin, may reduce platelet stickiness, a condition that can lead to abnormal blood clotting

“Everything But the Bagel – A combo of dried minced garlic, onion, sesame, sea salt, pepper and poppy seeds. It reminds me of a delicious bagel!

Braggs Liquid Aminos – A healthy replacement for salt and soy sauce.

Braggs Nutritional Yeast – An inactive dry yeast with B complex vitamins that has a cheesy flavor.

Fresh Garlic – Anti-inflammatory, arthritis relief. What would life be like without garlic?


My 5 Favorite Cooking Appliances & Gadgets 

Induction Cooktop – I’m new to induction and I just love it. Click the link for more information!

Easy cleanup cookware – There are so many excellent brands of cookware. Since I recently transitioned to induction cooking, I shopped around for the best cookware within my price range and ended up purchasing a set of Analon Cookware.

Kitchen Aide Blender (or like) – Best with two bowl sizes and attachments.

Slow Cooker РThey come in many shapes and sizes. I have two sizes; a 4 quart and an 8 quart. I have an InstaPot, but unless I am making a bean soup or recipes that require pressure cooking, I find it more convenient to use the slow cooker and large dutch oven for soups and stews, as my InstaPot does not have a controlled sauté mechanism.

Cuisinart 14c Food Processor – I use this for so many recipes.

Oh and don’t forget a set of sharp knives – a must!


It has been a wonderful and fun year in exploring and cooking in The Power of 5 Test Kitchen! Thank you for following my journey and I look forward to continuing to share my thoughts on healthy foods and recipes in the coming months! I’d love to hear thoughts and/or suggestions!

To Healthy Eating!


P.S. Wondering about the delicious salad in the photo? Its a Mexican Chopped Salad with a delicious Green Goddess dressing. Check it out!





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