Writing my blogs can be a deeply personal experience for me. They are not easy for me to write. The process is not a natural thing for me to do, and I have to find snippets of time to meet my self-imposed schedule.
The same can be said about lots of other things, including all five components of the Power of 5. As I often say, “It takes intention to integrate the Power of 5 into your life; it doesn’t just come knocking at your door ...” Nothing could be more true than programming “sweat” exercise into your life.
In this very personal blog, I will proudly detail how I have incorporated “sweat” into my weekly/monthly routine and lifestyle. One minor spoiler alert: it is more heavily weighted toward the end of the week and weekend as I do have to work around my office schedule.
My wife Melissa and I have taken up Tai Chi (more on that in the next blog—stay tuned) this year and work at attending three 90-minute session a week. So here is my Weekly Exercise Schedule:
Sunday  10 a.m. – Tai Chi
Monday   7 p.m. – walk for 45 minutes (optional)
Tuesday  7 p.m. – Tai Chi
Wed.    Day off or Walk (45 min.)
Thursday   6 p.m. – Spin Class (45 min.)
                  7 p.m. – Tai Chi
Friday        2:30 p.m. – High Intensity personal training session (30 min.)
Saturday    9 a.m. – Spin Class (60 min.)
                  10:30 a.m. – Stretch and Pilates class (60 min.)
                   2:30 p.m. – Golf (180 min., weather-permitting)
I know I am fortunate. I have wonderful children who are all grown, have left the nest and live in different cities, so I no longer have that set of responsibilities. I do, however, have a responsibility to myself to keep my body in shape … to perform my job, remain healthy, prevent inflammatory diseases, and live a long life. I focus on my strong desire to age well and to remain healthy enough to travel throughout this wonderful country and around the world. The best way to ensure I am able to fulfill my goals is to follow the Power of 5 Formula, especially as it pertains to SWEAT.
So, get out your planner, journal or calendar and think about and start putting your sweat plan together that fits in your lifestyle. To quote Nike, “Just Do It”!
Second spoiler alert—my latest project is developing a Power of 5 Fitness Journal to help plan and keep track of your Power of 5 goals and commitments. I can’t wait to share it with you!
To a Long, Healthy and Happy Life,
David Bernstein, MD

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