grief & community - the Bernstein family

Grief and Community

The Importance of Friendship and Socialization On June 21, we experience the Summer Solstice: the first day of summer and the longest day of the

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We’ve known about the importance of friendship for thousands of years; keep it going. -David Bernstein, MD With the approach of summer and more hours

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stress and March Madness with Dr. Bernstein

Stress and March Madness

Stress and March Madness Sports fans often observe that the stress in athletic competition is a metaphor of what happens in real life. That is

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sleep awareness - get real series

Sleep Awareness

Sleep Awareness – Let’s Get Real With my focus to keep it real, let’s talk about taking personal responsibility for our health outcomes. Taking a

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National Nutrition Month - Are you sabotaging your diet?

National Nutrition Month

Are you sabotaging your diet? Yes, the focus of March is Nutrition … I have subtle and important information to share. Let’s figure out if

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